The Fort Collins Historical Society gave out its first set of awards in 1980. It has been doing so every year since.


Society Recognition Award: Dave Watrous (for work at the Museum) and Paul Peasley (for photo collection cataloging).

Youth Award: Zack Day (for finding and reporting Indian burial site).


Significant Contribution to Local History: John Gray (for writing Cavalry and Coaches: a History of Camp and Fort Collins).

Preservation and Restoration Award: Gary and Carol Ann Hixon (for restoring the Montezuma Fuller House).

President’s Plaque: (Several plaques were given to catch up with all the folks that had been president up to this point.) Charles Hagemeister (1974 – 75), Louis Bass (1975 – 76), Alvina Desjardines (1976 – 77), Martha Trimble (1977 – 78), Wes Swan (1978 – 79), Wayne Sundberg (1979 – 80), Charlene Tresner (1980 – 81).


Preservation and Restoration Award: Don Webber and his staff at Poudre R-1 (for preserving historic school materials and documents) and Ted and Kayrene Will (for restoring the original City Hall and Fire House).

President’s Plaque: Charles Hagemeister (1981 – 1982)


Society Recognition Award: Elizabeth Henry (for indexing the Coloradoan) and John Merridith (for indexing the “Fort Collins Courier” 1880’s, and the “Colorado Prospector”).

Preservation and Restoration Award: Colorado State University — accepted by Bill Hayes (for restoration of Guggenheim Hall) and Edwards House Partnership — accepted by David Frick (for adaptive restoration of Edwards House).


Society Recognition Award: Charlene Tresner and Margaret Rogers (for their outstanding contributions to local history).

Youth Award: Tina Deines, Christy Young, and Michelle Howe (for Poudre R-1 Living History Projects).

Preservation and Restoration Award: Jim Reidhead (for restoring Original Poudre Valley Bank) and James Cox (for restoring Blunck House).

President’s Plaque: Elizabeth Case (1982 – 1983, 1983 – 1984).


Preservation and Restoration Award: Poudre Landmarks Foundation (for restoring Avery House), Fort Collins Municipal Railway Society, Inc. (for restoring Birney Car #21), Downing-Leach Architects — Bruce Downing and Jim Leach (for restoring Reed-Dauth Block), and Walt Brown (for restoring Kissock Block).

Society Recognition Award: Eva Hackleman for volunteer work at the library — Local History Section.

Writer’s Award: Wayne Sundberg (for his contribution in writing of Fort Collins history).

President’s Plaque: Len Epstein (1984 – 1985)


Restoration and Preservation Award: Gene Mitchell (for Old Town Square).

Society’s Recognition Award: “Triangle Review” — accepted by John Pfeiffenberger (for support of local history) and the “Cultural Resources Board — accepted by Alyce Milton (for gaining local designation for the Old Post Office).

Writer’s Award: Ralph Giddings (for his book, Ipswich to Fort Collins) and Ken Jessen (for his book, Railroads of Northern Colorado).

President’s Plaque: Doris Greenacre (1985 – 1986)


Youth Award: Eric Clark, Boy Scout Troop #96 (for work done on Bingham Hill Cemetery).

Preservation and Restoration Award: City of Fort Collins Parks and Recreation (for the preservation of the barn and Forestry Fire Tower at “The Farm” at Lee Martinez Park).

Society Recognition Award: Dick Beardmore (for support of local history through Landmark Preservation Commission and Avery House Board) and Linda Christenson (for a grant to support Fort Collins Historical Society to be applied to preservation of historical information about Fort Collins in memory of Faith Barnes Walt).

President’s Plaque: Doris Greenacre (1986 – 1987)


Preservation and Restoration Award: Fort Collins Museum and Volunteers, Bonnie Kindsfater and Joan Sable for restoration of oldest existing flag to have been flown in Larimer County.

Society Recognition Awards: Edwina Echevarria and the Historic Preservation Office of the City of Fort Collins for developing curricular materials on Fort Collins history and architecture for the Poudre R-1 School District. And Fort Collins Posse of Westerner’s International for continuing support of local history projects. Accepted by Mike Koury.

Society’s President’s Plaque: Jane C. Bass, (1987 – 1988)


Preservation and Restoration Award: C.S.U. Construction Management Club for the restoration of old C.S.U. Depot for the Fort Collins Municipal Railway Society and for the new shake shingle roof on the Virginia Dale Stage Station. And Victorian Questers Club for their past efforts furnishing the “Auntie Stone” Cabin and for their work moving the Upper Boxelder School to the museum.

Writer’s Award: Rose Brings for exemplary research and writing for the books, From Provost to Brinks and The Bingham Hill Cemetery.

Youth Award: Rainbow Riders 4-H Club for their continuing contribution to the maintenance and up-keep of the Bingham Hill Cemetery.

Society Recognition Award: Questers Clubs of Fort Collins for their continuing support o f history and local history projects.

Society’s President’s Plaque: Joan Day (1988 – 1989)


Preservation and Restoration Award: Ralph and Cheryl Olson for the restoration of the Forney and Emerson Houses. And Jim and Doris Greenacre for the stabilization of the original Fort Collins Water Works building.

Society Recognition Awards: Evan and Catherine Roberts for their continuing hospitality and on-going preservation efforts at the historic Roberts Ranch. And John Remington for his contribution to Fort Collins of material and historic information on the original Fort Collins Military Post.

President’s Recognition Certificate: Len Ruibal of Foxfire Property Management for his contribution to the Society’s “Window of History.” And Ruby Cienfuegos for her contributions to the Society’s “Window of History” displays in 1988 and 1989. And Seth Burchard for his transcription of the 1865 diary of Seth Warner, 21st New York Volunteer Cavalry. And Kari Stone for research and a model of the City’s original Waterworks building.

Society’s President’s Plaque: Joan Day (1989 – 1990)


Preservation and Restoration Award: Walt Brown for the restoration and preservation of the Opera House Block.

Society Recognition Award: Jane Bass for preserving and transcribing the Edgar Avery Diary and her many contributions to local history.

Society’s Writers Award: Howard and Mary Alice Evans for their exemplary research and writing of Cache La Poudre: The Natural History of a Rocky Mountain River. 

President’s Recognition Certificate: Rheba Massey for her leadership in preserving historic structures. And Brian Moroney for the Fort Collins Museum for assembling and displaying the outstanding frank Miller collection of paintings and artifacts. And Camp Collins Couples Questers for leadership in providing funding to publish and preserve historic documents and structures. And Brad March for devotion to history and for legal services and advice.

Society’s President’s Plaque: Sally Ketcham (1990 – 1991)


Society’s Recognition Award: Carol Tunner for restoring and making operational the historic streetcar and for her devotion to preserving Fort Collins history.

Society’s Writers Award: Arlene Ahlbrandt for her articles and books about the history of Fort Collins and Larimer County.

Preservation and Restoration Award: John and Rose Thompson for their preservation and restoration of the historic T. H. Robertson Home.

President’s Recognition Certificate: Francis Clark for exceptional research and for preserving the history of Fort Collins and Larimer County. And Sharon Berg for leadership in saving from destruction historic materials from the Ramer House. And Katherine Greenamyre for exemplary authorship of her personal reminiscences in Let Me Take You Back With Me.

Society’s President’s Plaque: Sally Ketcham (1991 – 1992)


Society’s Recognition Award: Ralph Giddings for his efforts to preserve Fort Collins history and research resulting in The Fort Collins Museum.

Society’s Writers Award: Daniel Tyler for his book, The Last Water Hold in the West. 

Preservation and Restoration Award: Thomas and Regina Laupa for their preservation and restoration of the historic Durrell Home.

President’s Recognition Certificate: Karen McWilliams for her efforts to preserve local history by computerizing the photographs in the Local History Section of the Library. And John and Judi Robinson for leadership in maintaining the historic Nelson Milk house. And Mike and Dee Koury for producing the Fort Collins’ historic video, “Then and Now.” And Victorian Questers for their efforts to furnish the historic Boxelder School house.

Society’s President’s Plaque: Sally Ketcham (1992 – 1993)


Preservation and Restoration: Dick Beardmore and Jim Reidhead for significant contributions to preserving historic properties through education, planning and engineering. And to Colorado State University’s Center for the Stabilization and Reuse of Important Structures.

Society’s Recognition Award: Brad March for his ardent, long-term support for the Society.

Society’s Writers Award: Alice C. Dickerson and Elyse Deffke Bliss for writing Apples of the Mummy’s Eye: The Dickerson Sisters. 

President’s Recognition Certificate: Jane Bass, Janet Blandin, Alvina Desjardins, Doric Greenacre, Jim Greenacre, Eva Hackleman, Chuck Hagemeister, Edith Hess, Susan Hoskinson, Brad March, Hazel McCullough, Arle Mae Morgan, Robert Pike, Wayne Sundberg, Evadene Swanson, and Martha Trimble in recognizing twenty years of membership in the Fort Collins Historical Society.

Society President’s Plaque: Karen McWilliams (1993 – 1994)


Preservation and Restoration: Veldman-Morgan Commercial, Kermit Allard, Roy Young, and Vaught Frye Architects for preservation and restoration of the Loomis and Andrews Block.

Society’s Recognition Award: Rose Brinks for her continuing efforts to preserve and protect the historic Bingham Hill Cemetery and her dedication to local history.

Society Youth Award: Brent Harris for his preservation work and service at the historic Bingham Hill Cemetery. And Randall Harris for his shelter project and service at the historic Bingham Hill Cemetery.

Society’s Writers Award: Dr. Robert Pike for excellence in the historic research and writing of the Fort Collins High School history, Home of the Champions. 

President’s Recognition Certificate: Rod and Robin Vaughn in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in saving and restoring the Troutman/Collopy House. And Joe Frank for furthering the work of historic preservation in Fort Collins. And the Livermore Women’s Club for reprinting the Larimer County Stockgrowers Association book. And Agnes Dix for her years of service to the Fort Collins Historical Society. And Liz Case for her years of volunteer service to the Fort Collins community.

Society President’s Plaque: Arlene Ahlbrandt (1994 – 1995)


Preservation and Restoration Award: Kermit Nuckles for preservation and retoration of the Windsor Hotel Building. And Judy Bedford for preservation and restoration of the Windsor Hotel Building.

Research and Writing: Stan Case for excellence in Historic Research and Writing of The Poudre: A Photo History. 

President’s Recognition Award: William Lambdin in promoting area history through articles published in “Senior Voice.” And Phil Walker in creating an interest in local history through his “Visions Along the Poudre Valley.” And Tucker Hall in writing his story on Frank Miller. And Joan “Of All Trades” Day for her continued service to the Fort Collins Historical Society.

President’s Plaque: Arlene Ahlbrandt (1995 – 1996)


Society Writer’s Award: Columbine Club of Timnath, especially Elise Fisher and Del Miller, editors, for excellence in the field of historic research and writing by publishing Timnath.

President’s Recognition Award: Dr. Harry Rosenberg, in recognition of his efforts in organizing, planning, promoting, and presenting the Colorado State University American West Program to community audiences each summer. And Joy Poole, in recognition of her efforts in locating and acquiring the historic Worthington Whittredge painting, “On the Cache la Poudre” as a legacy to the Fort Collins community.

Society President’s Plaque: Susan Hoskinson (1996 – 1997)


President’s Recognition Award: Dale Crawford, for on-going help with the Society’s awards.

Research and Writing: Howard Ensign Evans, for the Natural History of the Long Expedition to the Rocky Mountains 1819 – 1820. 

Preservation and Restoration: Carol Tunner for the Coy-Hoffman barn.

Society’s Recognition: The Fort Collins Westerners, in appreciation for their financial support of various local history projects.

President’s Plaque: Susan Hoskinson (1997 – 1998)


Youth Award: Erin Conte-Bryant, for volunteer work at the Fort Collins Library Local History Archive

Preservation and Restoration: Mike McCormick, for completing restoration of the Trimble Block store front.

Society’s Recognition: Historic Fort Collins Development Corporation for saving the Preston Farm.

President’s Award: Don Woeber, in recognition of his efforts to save the cannon in City Park.

The Fort Collins Historical Society gave out its first set of awards in 1980. It has been doing so every year since.


Society’s Recognition: Lee Suniga, for his work preserving the heritage of Northern Colorado’s Hispanic baseball leagues.

Preservation and Restoration: Ed Yonker for his efforts to restore the 1937 Diamond-T Fire Truck. And John and Lois Arnolfo, for their efforts to restore the historic facade of the Silver Grill. And Ellen and Ted Zibell, for their efforts to restore the Beals and Reed buildings.

President’s Recognition: Rick Halter and Chris Peters for their efforts to preserve the Scrivner Grocery and Market sign.


Society’s Recognition: Dr. John Remington, for donating the diary of Sergeant Luther Remington to the Fort Collins Museum.

Youth Award: Tony Hernandez, for a project profiling the Sugar Beet Industry.

Preservation and Restoration: Helen McClure, for indexing early Fort Collins newspapers. And Betty Maloney, for work in the Historic Archives. And Amando Gonzales Sr, for work on Wellington History.

Society’s Writer’s Award: Jo & Lafi Miller for writing Those Crazy Pioneers.

President’s Plaque: Loren Maxey (2000 – 2001)


Society’s Recognition: Fort Collins Police Department for Museum and Displays on Old Town Substation.

Preservation and Restoration: Funding Partners for Housing Solutions, Joe Rowan and the National Development Council for the Northern Hotel Affordable Housing Project.

Research & Writing: Francis Clark for The History of the Little South Poudre River.

President’s Recognition Certificate: Agnes Dix, Historic Preservation and Museum Volunteer.

President’s Plaque: Loren Maxey (2001 – 2002)

Special Recognition: Chuck Hagemeister & Wayne Sundberg for 22 years of setting up and awarding society recognitions.


Research & Writing: Thomas J. Noel & Ron Sladek for Fort Collins & Larimer County: An Illustrated History.

Preservation & Restoration: North Point Community Church for the Original First Baptist Church.

Youth Award: Scott Potter for Historic Bingham Hill Cemetery work. And Sean Brown for Historic Harmony Cemetery work.

Society’s Recognition: Debbie Pearson for on-going historic research to obtain grave markers for unmarked veterans’ graves.

President’s Recognition: Jeffery & Janet McClue for saving the Harmony Store & Gas Station.

President’s Plaque: Loren Maxey (2002 – 2003)


Society’s Recognition: Brad March for his continuous devotion to Fort Collins history and his involvement with historical organizations.

Youth Award: Sierra Tamkun for sharing with others her enthusiasm for local history at the Fort Collins Museum.

Preservation & Restoration: Steve & Missy Levinger for preservation of the historic Armstrong Hotel.

Research & Writing: Cheryl Miller for writing the lively side of Fort Collins history.

President’s Recognition: John Arnolfo for his generous donation to the Fort Collins Historical Society. And Dora Hildebrand for her on-going research for, and devotion to, the Cemetery Crawl.

President’s Plaque: Karl Koski (2003 – 2004)


Preservation & Restoration: Shenandoah Home Owner’s Association for the Deines Dairy Barn & Twin Silos.

Research & Writing: Ed Yonker for the History of the Fort Collins Fire Department

Society’s Recognition: Rheba Massey for her contribution to the preservation of, and continuing involvement in, Fort Collins’ past. And Carol Tunner for her exemplary efforts in obtaining the “Laura Bush Preserve America Award” for Fort Collins.

President’s Recognition: Susan Hoskinson for her editing of Fort Collins First Water Works.

President’s Special Recognition: Kim Tamkun, Rose Brinks, Betty Maloney, Agnes Dix, Myrne Watrous, and Pat Forney for their dedication to the Society’s “Calling Committee.”

President’s Plaque: Cheryl Miller (2004 – 2005)


Research & Writing: Connie Pfeiffenberger for Visionary Leadership: The Memoirs of William E. Morgan.

President’s Plaque: Kim Tamkun (2005 – 2006)


Society’s Recognition: Ken Goldsberry for his work in promoting our town’s heritage through the activities of the Pioneer Association’s Centennial.

Research and Writing: Dora Hildebrand, Ken Goldsberry, and Wayne Sundberg for Pioneer Journey.

Preservation and Restoration: Friends of the Romero House for its preservation & restoration, and conversion to The Museo de las Tres Colonias.

President’s Recognition: Susan Hoskinson for her leadership and on-going efforts to preserve the original 1882-83 Fort Collins Water Works.

Life Membership: Rheba Massey for past, present & future efforts in preserving the heritage of Fort Collins. And Carol Tunner for past, present & future efforts in preserving the heritage of Fort Collins.


Historic Preservation & Restoration Award:Dr. Edward Siegel for restoration and preservation of the Julian’s Store.

Historic Research and Writing Award: Susan Hoskinson and Barbara Messineo for writing of the reprint of the Streets of Fort Collins.

President’s Recognition: Roger Smith, for outstanding accomplishments in promoting local history through his work with the FCMR Society and the Fort Collins Museum.

Society’s Recognition Award: Phil Carpenter, for his ongoing work researching, presenting, and promoting Fort Collins history at Grandview Cemetery.

Youth Award: Aaron Cook for his trolley track right-of-way maintenance Eagle Scout project.

Special Memorial Plaque and Podium: In memory of Elizabeth “Liz” Bradley Case, civic leader, community volunteer, and friend of local history.

President’s Plaque: Gordon “Hap” Hazard (2007 – 2008)


Society’s Recognition: Brad March for his exemplary efforts in bringing Car #25 home to Fort Collins.

Preservation & Restoration: The Bee Family for the Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum.

President’s Plaque: Gordon “Hap” Hazard (2008 – 2009)




Preservation and Restoration Award: Rayno & Patty Seaser for the 1879 McIntyre House.

Historic Research and Writing Award: Doug J. Ernest for Agricultural Frontier to Electronic Frontier.

Society’s Recognition Award: Barbara Moore for her ongoing artistic work which preserve and illustrates Fort Collins’ visible historic past.

President’s Recognition Award: For the rehabilitation of the Don Brown Coke Sign on Coopersmith’s wall to Carol Tunner, project manager; Deborah Uhl, artist; and Peter Farquhar, brick mason; and Kevin Murray, carpenter.

President’s Plaque: Gordon “Hap” Hazard (in perpetuity!)


Society’s Recognition Award: Richard “Dick” Beardmore

Society’s Writer’s Award: Dr. Stanley W. Henson, Jr.

President’s Award: Phil White and Bellvue Historic Foundation.

President’s Plaque: Gordon “Hap” Hazard (in perpetuity!)


Society’s Recognition Award: Friends of the Water Works, for their ongoing efforts to preserve and stabilize the 1882-83 Fort Collins Water Works.

Society’s Writer’s Award: Tom McClellan, for A History of the Fort Collins Police Department – 1873 to 2012, published 2013.

President’s Award: Bonnie and Kim Sziden and Joe Bixler for maintaining the city’s oldest continually operating business, Ranch-Way Mill. And the Pioneer Association for the placement of the historic plaque at the old Fort Collins Power Plant.

President’s Plaque: Gordon “Hap” Hazard (in perpetuity!)


Society’s Recognition Award: Fort Collins Senior Center for organizing the Annual Cemetery Stroll for the past twenty years. And to Grandview Cemetery for hosting the Annual Cemetery Stroll for the past twenty years.

Society’s Writer’s Award: Meg Dunn for writing the “Forgotten Fort Collins” blog.

President’s Plaque: Gordon “Hap” Hazard (in perpetuity!)


President’s Award: Alyce Nierman, for her years of service helping people at Grandview Cemetery.

Preservation and Restoration Award: Colorado State University Engines and Energy Conversions Lab for the preservation and restoration work done to the fountain.

Youth Awards: Billy Allen for his leadership in organization restoration work at the historic Bingham Hill Cemetery. And Christopher Ray for his leadership in organizing improvement work at the historic 1883 Fort Collins Water Works.

President’s Plaque: Gordon “Hap” Hazard (in perpetuity!)


Preservation and Restoration Award: March, Olive and Pharris for Schlich-Smith-Akin house restoration at 1312 S. College.

Society Recognition: Bohemian Foundation for work on the Music District: 621, 633, 637 S. College.

President’s Award: Colleen Scholz, DDS for restoration work at 220 Remington. And James MacDowell III, for restoration work on the Walker/McDowell House at 508 Remington.

Youth Awards: Spencer Cleverly, for his Eagle Scout project helping with the DAR project at Grandview Cemetery in identifying and putting markers for veterans that died during the time of the fort.

President’s Plaque: Gordon “Hap” Hazard (in perpetuity!)


This awards event was covered by the Coloradoan.

Preservation and Restoration Award: Virginia Dale Community Club for the restoration of the Virginia Dale Stage Station.

Society Recognition: Dick Speiss and Becky Douglas for their valuable and enthusiastic work to support the 1883 Fort Collins Water Works.

Writer’s Award: Lois Williamson Peltz for her In Search of Harmony books.

President’s Award: Erin Udell for her ongoing journalism telling about the history of the Fort Collins area. And Chris Wenrick for his ongoing restoration work on the house at the Gill-Nelson Farm. And Old Town Media, for their creation and management of the Fort Collins Historical Society website.

President’s Plaque: Gordon “Hap” Hazard (in perpetuity!)


Society’s Recognition Award: Brian Carroll for discovering and sharing the story of F. R. Baker

Preservation & Restoration Awards: Carol Tunner for the Ross Proving-up House. And Susan Hoskinson & Mary Humstone for landmarking the Patterson House on the National, State and local registers of historic places.

Writer’s Award: James E. Hansen II, Gordon “Hap” Hazard, & Linda Meyer for the book, CSU: A Sense of Place.

President’s Plaque: Gordon “Hap” Hazard (in perpetuity!)