Meetings begin at 7 pm at the Masonic Lodge, 225 W. Oak Street.

William O. Collins:

From the Mayflower to the Rockies with Stops in Between

Brian Carroll author of William O. Collins: From the Mayflower to the Rockies With Stops in Between has been introduced as a “historian”, but prefers being referred to as a “Keeper Of History”. Since retiring from the F.B.I. and moving to Fort Collins CO in 1996, he has taken a keen interest in western history, in particular that of his current hometown. He has conducted extensive research in regards to Civil War soldiers assigned to Fort Collins; The Original Homesteaders in the area; Smithsonian Institution archeology at the local “Lindenmeier” site; The Dickerson Sisters – renowned folk-artists from the area and more.

Brian is an active presenter on these topics and in 2020 was recognized by the Fort Collins Historical Society as “Historian of the Year”, for his valuable research. 

Join us on March 7th at 7 pm to hear Brian tell the story of William O. Collins, the man for whom Fort Collins was named. Is his a name one we should be proud of? Come learn about the man and make your own decision.