Our first meeting of the season will be held at the Masonic Lodge on September 6th at 7 pm!

Our meetings this fall (September 6th, October 4th, and November 1st)
will all have the same speaker, Lyn Iannuzzi.

Meetings begin at 7 pm at the Masonic Lodge, 225 W. Oak Street.

Larimer County Coroners in the 1880s

Walk in the boot prints of 1880s Larimer County Coroners, men who had to deal with murder, explosion, poison, and suicide. These educated determined men were responsible in Fort Collins, local towns, and the far reaches of Larimer County including the wilderness of North Park (1909 est. Jackson County) to the Wyoming border. The coroners were businessmen, attorneys, and occasionally doctors who traveled by buckboard or horseback carrying writing supplies and a bible to swear in witnesses and investigation jurors. They were tasked with obtaining evidence, interviewing witnesses, and when required establishing an Inquest Jury to “diligently to enquire into, and true presentment make, how, in what manner, by whom, or what means the said body came to its death.”

Part I, September 6 – The challenges, procedures, responsibilities, and records of Larimer County Coroners. Case 1) Details of the investigation into a devastating disaster and subsequent deaths that brought fear and vulnerability into the heart of Fort Collins. Case 2) A saloon, drunken brawl, shoot out and ladies of the evening. The controversial and complicated first murder in Fort Collins. Plus, additional cases.

Part 2, October 4 – Case 1) A deadly mining explosion revealed the needs of a minimally trained work force. Case 2) A drunken deadly bar fight, a lady of the evening, and multiple locations caused a complex investigation. Plus, additional cases.

Part 3, November 1 – Case 1) Revenge, greed, lies and deliberate planning lead to a brutal and shocking murder. Case 2) Drunken violence and murder thrust Fort Collins into a deadly incident that created shock waves throughout the state. Plus, additional cases.

Lyn Iannuzzi is the fifth generation to call Fort Collins and Northern Colorado home. She retired as a California Director of Accounting, returned home, and has dedicated her retirement to Colorado historical projects. Lyn was selected to receive the 2020 Fort Collins Historical Society Recognition Award for the Mountain Home Cemetery Records project. The project provided a detailed cemetery report and over 1,000 document images and transcripts to the Fort Collins Parks Department and the Archive at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.